Volunteering With Aberdeen Nightline

WHY should you volunteer with Nightline?

If you have a desire to give pack to the student community and help support to your fellow students, Aberdeen Nightline is a great place to volunteer. It is a rewarding, inspiring, and challenging experience where you will develop and improve your communication and listening skills.

This is a wonderful way to get involved with the student body and will help enhance your CV. Nightline volunteers are also eligible to partake in the STAR Award and Saltire Award schemes.

WHO should volunteer with Nightline?

You have to be a registered student at Aberdeen University in order to volunteer at Aberdeen Nightline. All undergraduates and postgraduates years are warmly welcome.

There is no prior experience needed before Nightline as you are given training which covers all the skills needed. However, since Aberdeen Nightline is a confidential and anonymous service you must also be able to keep private any information you get about callers or other Nightline volunteers. All of our volunteers must be able to demonstrate our core values when working as Nightliners. This includes:

  • being non-judgmental — no matter what topic the caller brings
  • being non-advisory — even if you feel you have useful advice to give it is not our place as a service to do so
  • being non-directional — trying not to explain or interpret the caller’s issues or lead the conversation

Once you become a Nightline volunteer, there is a minimum commitment of completing three 12-hour shifts every term. 

HOW do you become a Nightline volunteer?

To become an official Nightline volunteer you need complete four, weekly 2-hour training sessions and a final training weekend. Once your training is complete you will be assessed through mock calls. If you satisfactorily complete this you can start taking calls, with your first two shifts being supervised by an experienced Nightliner. Then to remain a Nightline volunteer you are just required to complete two shifts a semester and ensure you stay up to date.

WHEN can I volunteer?

There are two training events every year at the start each academic semester. To find out when the next session will be taking place or to get your name on the next semester’s training, please email us.

WHAT support are you given as a volunteer?

We have a strong, active and supportive committee surrounding the Nightliners. They are always available should you have any questions or need any further support. The more practice you get the stronger your skills become. Before you know it you maybe training someone else! There is always the opportunity to train others in the future if you want.

To register your interest to volunteer with Nightline contact us by email and we will pop you on the next mailing list