Care Package Ideas

6Want to send a care package to a family member or friend but don’t know what to put in it? Here are some suggestions


  1. A personal letter include stories or things that you love about them
  2. Their favourite chocolate
  3. If you are able to visit their house you could leave home-baking on their doorstep
  4. Something you’ve created from our Arts and Crafts section
  5. Personalised word search or crossword
  6. Drawing prompts 
    1. Divide a page into different sections and ask them to draw different things and send you it once they are done
  7. Writing prompts 
    1. Get them to write a short blurb on a topic
  8. Write a poem for them
  9. Send them some fun facts
  10. Personalised coupons for things you can do during lockdown such as “one film on Netflix party” or “one phone call” or for things they can redeem when they next see you such as “one coffee at our favourite cafe” or “one drink at our favourite pub”


Digital Care Package


Aren’t able to mail it to them? Create a digital one


  1. Make them a playlist
    1. For examples songs that you think they’ll like or ones that remind you of them
  2. Crosswords and word searches can still be created 
  3. Use powerpoint for the writing or drawing prompts