Find a youtuber whose energy and workouts you like and follow along to some of their videos! Consider starting a 1-week or 30-day fitness challenge to keep yourself motivated!

Find a virtual workout buddy, video-call and workout together. 

Go on a walk/run, enjoy some fresh air and explore some new areas or parks of the city you live in. 


Pure Gym app

Couch to 5K app

The app gradually increases the duration of running with a mixture of walking with the aim to be able to complete a 5K over 9 weeks.


For timing your Sets



Whatever you decide to do make sure you enjoy it. Change things up regularly to stop yourself getting bored. Listen to your body, warm up and cool down. I’ve listed a large number of exercises try picking a few to do. You could try doing each for 30 seconds, rest 10 and repeat 3 times or decide on a number of repetitions to do. If you are unsure of any of the exercises make sure you google them first as doing them incorrectly could cause injury. Most of these don’t require any equipment








Whole body

Burpees (there are so many different variations of them ranging from easier to extremely hard, find one that works for you)

High knee running

Hand stands

Push ups – again lots of different variations

Mountain climbers



Jumping jacks

Skater jumps

Ski jumps

Jumping lunge

Squat jumps


Tuck jumps


Bicep curl

Side extensions

Front extensions

Tricep dips


Shoulder press

Reverse fly

Chest press




Sit ups

V shits


Side plank

Toe tap crunches


Bicycle crunches

Flutter kicks

Leg raises

Leg circles 

Russian twists

Reverse crunches

Arm/leg raises

Dead bug


Heel touches



Squats – again many variations

Single leg squats – there are lots of ways online that you can find to help build up to these



Straight leg deadlifts (despite the name make sure your knees are slightly bent and not locked)

Single leg deadlifts

Side kicks

Calf raises – do off a stair for a better workout

Wall sit

Glute bridges

Knee drive lunges 

Fire hydrants 

Leg lifts 

Youtube Channels


My favourite youtube channels to exercise with. It works well to follow youtubers, because it makes you more motivated, however, it is important to remember that they exercise for a living and that you are not meant to be on their level, at least not to start off with. Do your best and as long as you keep going and are still able to have fun or at least enjoy it at least a little, then you’re going in the right direction. 


The Fitness Marshall


(the reminder at the beginning is especially relevant for her, as this is something I had to realise gradually. Do your best and improvement will come)

Her Song Playlist is especially good


The Body Coach (Joe Wicks)

Pamela Reif


Sarah Beth Yoga

Yoga by Adrienne