Whether you have a sewing machine or just a needle and thread here are some ideas you can try at home


Easy drawstring sunglasses case


Fabric gift bag

Envelope clutch bag

Shopping bag

Fabric baskets

For more inspiration check out:


Knitting and Crochet


There are loads of videos teaching you the main stitches used including variations for left handers. If you are trying out crochet for the first time make sure you know how to check if your pattern is in American or English notation. 


A lot of maternity units need baby hats, and clothes so if you don’t know what to make you could try that. Make sure your items DO NOT have any holes in them or the unit won’t accept them. Many places are not accepting donations due to the coronavirus situation but you could still make them for when they begin to accept items again


Aldi sometimes have crochet kits for £3.99 that include everything you need to create a character


Colouring in


Colouring in can be extremely relaxing. Don’t go too hard on yourself if you go outside the lines. A quick Google search for “Colouring in for adults” produces a large selection of projects for you to try




Why don’t you try your hand at origami? Here are some guides to help you get started – a favourite from this site includes a baby yoda




You could try learning how to do calligraphy and use your new skills to send a letter to a friend or family member