Drawing Prompts

3Be as creative as you can using these prompts and interpret them however you want. Tag us on social media if you want to share them. This website automatically generate prompts for you https://artprompts.org/


If you want a bigger challenge check out this 365 day of prompts


  1. Self portrait
  2. Pet or favourite animal
  3. Draw with your non dominant hand
  4. Your Superhero
  5. Your favourite place
  6. Your favourite place in Aberdeen
  7. A monster
  8. A plant 
  9. Your favourite song
  10. A dinosaur
  11. A school but instead of teachers …
  12. A llama surfing
  13. A chicken skydiving 
  14. A shark eating a cake with a pirate hat on
  15. At the end of a rainbow you find … (no pots of gold)